After reading this, you will thing about buying a bread maker

Everyone just love to eat bread any time of the day. For most people, it is very convenient to just buy breads from the bakeshops and grocery stores, but why buy when you can bake your own bread at home? This is definitely possible because making your own fresh bread at home can be very easy and convenient with a bread making machine. Bread making machines are becoming very popular nowadays because it makes cooking tasty homemade bread simple and easy for the entire family to enjoy.

Why you need a bread maker? Everyone needs a bread maker today, unless you are someone who is not a bread lover, but then bread making machines are not only intended for making breads. It has so many uses. For bread lovers out there, here are so many great reasons why you should need one in your kitchen. Check out these awesome reasons why you need a bread maker in your home.

Enjoy eating your favorite bread anytime
The first and most common reason to owning your own bread maker is that you can enjoy having your favorite homemade bread anytime you want. All you need is just a good bread recipe that you can experiment. WIth the help of your own bread maker, you can enjoy your favorite bread every morning along with your coffee and in the afternoon for some snacks.

Saves time
Today’s time is associated with the advancement of technology, and bread making machines come with high end function and features. These machines usually come with automatic control and timer, allowing you to set your chosen time and program the machine according to your desired homemade bread. This only means that making the bread is easier, allowing you to save time and effort. When your own bread maker do the hardwork for you, then you will have more time to handle your other tasks.

Worry less about making mistakes in making bread
Making bread especially for beginners can be very challenging. Things could go wrong when you make the bread by just using your hand because you might not knead the dough properly. Too much kneading of the dough will also result to a bread making disaster. These problems can be eliminated when you use a bread making machine.

Saves money
Obviously, the price of homemade bread is cheaper than the price of breads in bakeshops and stores. When you make your own bread at home, you will be able to save money little by little. I’m sure everyone wants to save money,especially during these times wherein most products come in expensive prices. Homemade bread is healthierHomemade bread is healthier than the ones bought in stores. First of all, breads that are bought from the stores have chemical ingredients in order to keep the bread fresh longer. Those breads have additives, artificial flavors and more. Now, when you make your own bread at home, you are sure that you are using only natural ingredients. When you only use pure ingredients, rest assured that your home made bread is healthy and safe to consume. For those who are allergic to glutten, making a glutten free bread is also possible with a bread maker.

Give you much more aside from making a bread
Aside from making bread, bread makers will also give you much more than the bread making. You can also bake pizzas, make cakes, pasta dough, buns and a lot more. All you need to do is find bread recipes and other yummy recipes on the Internet and you can be like an expert pastry maker at home.

Bread machines will not heat up the kitchen
During the hot season, your bread machine will help you keep your kitchen comfortable because it will not heat up your kitchem Even when baking, the machine will stay cool so there is no need to worry about using an appliance that would heat up. Just go ahead make fresh breads, pizza, bake a dessert and simmer some hot soup using your bread maker.

Saves electricity
Whatever food you bake, whether it is small amount or big amount, you can use the bread machine for as long as you want and you don’t need to worry about paying high electricity bills. With a bread maker, you can certainly save money and conserve energy.

So now you know why you really need a bread maker at home. When finding the perfect bread making machine, make sure to do some research first so that you are sure to find a high quality machine that would suit your baking needs and of course your budget.

The Step By Step Guide To Draw A Landscape



For an extremely wonderful and mesmerising landscape drawing, follow this step by step guide.

Step 1.
Collect the good quality art materials which you will need to make your landscape. Here’s a list for you!

If it is a water landscape then you will need:
A drawing paper ( preferably cartridge paper for detailed work ) or you can also use canvas for large paintings, pencils of fine quality (Preferably HB or 2B for a fine finish and an expressive look), an eraser of course, good quality paints as consistency matters, a palette for preparing different shades, paint brushes ( sizes ranging from O – 8 will be sufficient ), a rough cloth for if you mess up with your paints, two paint bowls containing clear water and that’s it! Get going!
If you wish to make a color pencil shading landscape, you will need:
Drawing paper, different color pencils, a drawing pencil (preferably HB grade) and an eraser.
Step 2:
Choose a beautiful scenery from anywhere you wish. It maybe from a website or from some internet sites or if you are good at memory drawings you can make it with that as well.
Step 3:
Sketch a rough outline of the picture that you wish to make on the paper. Remember, just a rough drawing. It should be as light as possible. Once you become absolutely sure of the sketches, start darkening them a little with the 2B grade pencil. The landscape may include all kinds of scenic beauties like mountains, lush evergreen trees, forests, old buildings, wildlife, small villages, human figures, seas, lakes, ponds, sunsets and sunrises, dams, hailstorms, landslides, snow, fog, yards, beautiful flowers, waterfalls, farmers, animals, birds, deserts, canopies, sky, vegetation and a lot more! Anything and everything that pleases you and is in the family of nature can be included in your landscape.
Step 4.
Now, if it is a water landscape, simply start preparing different shades of paint colors that you require in the palette. Select different hues of colors. Beautiful shades of blues for water bodies ( Prussian and turquoise usually go with all kinds of drawings ) and vermilion hues for skies, jade and olive greens for lush green bushes and trees, shades of browns like burnt sienna for woods and so on can be used. Use darker color schemes for the mouth of gradients and slopes. The color combinations need to be perfect. Use of primary colors is obvious. If it is a pencil shading landscape, use different shades of color pencils. Concentrate more on the places which seem to be the farthest from the viewers point in space.
Step 5:
Give the final touch to your painting by highlighting the catchy areas and the shadows of the required places.

1. The darker colors should be used first. The white or the lighter color should be added first to the palette and then the darker one in order to make a color lighter.
2. While sketching peaks, you must take care that it does not have a height more than that of the horizon level or mountains.
3. Use of eraser should be minimum.
4. For realistic looks, be crystal clear of what you wish to depict.
5. Do not add extra unnecessary details as it will make the landscape look gordy.
Follow this step by step guide for a jaw dropping landscape and for living the moment depicted in it.